"Laissez le bon temps rouler!"


Queens are the ambassadors for a community and it's culture.  They represent with pride the organizations that deemed them good stewards of values and will be there to promote the causes of the organization.  Below is a photo gallery of current queens throughout the state.  You may click on a picture to get more information.


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2018 LAFF Queen of Queens ~ Julia WilliamsFort Fest ~ Alexis BoudreauxKiwanis Pepper Festival ~ Stephanie HypoliteLA Corn Festival ~ Rayne Canoe
La Fete Des Vieux Temps ~ Katie BignerLake Arthur Regatta ~ Tristyn PippinLecompte Pie Festival ~ Haley BeckhamLittle Red Church ~ Emily Hymel
Mardi Gras SWLA ~ Kelcie ThomasseeMarthaville Good Ole Days ~ Shelby GreerPort Barre Cracklin' Festival ~ Mikalyn RussellRagley Heritage & Timber Festival ~ Emily Britt
Sabine Parish Fair & Rodeo ~ Anna CampbellSabine Freestate Festival ~ Raeghan LewingScott Boudin ~ Jimi JoubertSt Jude Fall Fest ~ Autumn Wyatt
Westlake Family Fun & Food ~ Lauren DuckZwolle Loggers & Forestry Festival ~ Skye EzernackZwolle Tamale ~ Lillian LaTour


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